Lego Batman

When I first saw the trailer for Lego Batman a few months back I was pretty pumped up. Hilarious, fun, and starred Will Arnett and Michael Cera as Batman and Robin! (GOB and George Michael Bluth!!)

Much to my dismay after seeing it today, many of the funniest moments were in the previews.

But that does not mean the film doesn’t have its moments. If you are a fan of any of the previous Batman films, this movie does a great job at referencing and poking fun at the entire series. The whole idea of Bruce Wayne being a cocky, loner, know-it-all plays a big part in the plot, and is well executed.

While Will Arnett has the ideal voice for Batman, Michael Cera steals the show in many moments as the naive, goofy orphan Robin. “Rip!”

This picture won’t leave a lasting impact, but it’s worth the watch for fans of the Dark Knight who don’t take themselves too seriously.


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