Welcome to Chick Parm and a Pep

You wake up around 10:30 on a Saturday. You’re off today, and you can do anything. You live in New York City, so the possibilities are endless. Do you go out for Brunch and then a modern art gallery? Do you go shopping in a thrift store in Brooklyn? I don’t think so.

There’s only one likely plan for this glorious day: Roll outta bad, hit the shower, and put on the same shirt and jeans you wore yesterday. Then, head over to that Italian place on Amsterdam ave with the 12-dollar lunch special and order a chicken parmigiana and an ice cold Pepsi to-go.

Stagger back home, maybe giggle at a quote or two in your travels from the pseudo-intellectuals on their way for a vegan, gluten free, kale loaded brunch. Then, sit back, relax and watch some afternoon Mets’ baseball while you chow down.

When the night comes, change into something  a little less sloppy and meet your girl for some steak and a movie, and maybe a killer milk shake after.

That is what a relaxing day off is made out of.